About Nordic Bridal

Since the start in 2008 Nordic Bridal has become a valuable tool for both retailers and brands in the bridal industry .

– ”You are now holding the first Nordic B2B magazine for the wedding industry in your hands. Only a few years ago it was hard to believe this was possible. The Nordic region was a small and seemingly uninteresting market for the big brands”

This is what CEO and founder Anders Wallgren stated in the first edition published in 2008. With a future perspective and faith in the Nordic market it proved to be a good idea to launch a B2B magazine. The development over the last 11 years has been amazing. Now, the Nordic region is not a small and uninteresting market anymore, on the contrary, these countries have a great potential and the established brands have made a name for themselves even here. Much thanks to the bridal stores that daily supports the industry and make sure the message reaches all the way to the end consumer.

With its content, Nordic Bridal has contributed with knowledge, information, inspiration and the latest news from the bridal industry. Inspiring articles on how to succeed in the business is mixed with news from brands, contact information and important announcements. In the magazine we promote the great international fairs and have established important contacts with colleagues all over the world. Our readers have contributed with facts, viewpoints and wishes for the content – and together this cooperation has led to a product both attractive and desireable for the business. Our strength of being placed in the middle of the Nordic region makes us reach all the way from hand to heart and this is what drives us forward.

Through the years we have received a lot of positive feedback from both suppliers and retailers about the magazine. Here are some points worth mentioning again:

  • Nordic Bridal is the only Nordic B2B magazine abour Bridal Fashion.
  • The content reaches not only the store owners, but also personnel in the store, with makes it ea når inte enbart butiksägarna utan även personalen i butiken, vilket gör att alla får ta del av nyheter och se nya kollektioner.
  • Magasinet skickas ut till alla butiker i Norden, vilket gör att även de som inte reser på mässor får ta del av nyheter och spännande in
  • Nordic Bridal is the only Nordic B2B magazine about Bridal Fashion.
  • The content reeaches not only the store owners, but also personnel in the store, with gives everyone the chance to discover news and see new collections.
  • The magazine is distributed to all wedding stores in the Nordic region, so even those who haven´t had the chance to visit a fair can read about the latest trends and news.
  • An important source of information for the business by keeping the readers up to date about news, fairs, brands and agents in the business as well as strenghtening the business with good tips and advice about sales and marketing etc.
  • Advertisors are visible to all bridal stores, which keeps the brand top of mind and increases sales.