Reach Nordic retailers with Nordic Bridal

Because of the long distances between the populations, the Nordic region can be a difficult market to penetrate. The good financial situation and the fact that a lot of money is spent on weddings still makes the Nordic region a very attractive market to reach. Requests from the bridal business worldwide have therefore resulted in the decision to publish “Nordic Bridal”.

Nordic Bridal is published in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland which together has a total number of  132.200weddings (2019). Nordic Bridal is the only trade magazine in the bridal business covering virtually 100% of the retail industry in the Nordic region. It reaches directly to key decision makers in every bridal shop. The magazine is the manufacturer’s possibility to communicate with existing and potential customers in the Nordic region. Through Nordic Bridal you can communicate with dealers, introduce the latest collections and give important information to your market.

For more info about advertising in Nordic Bridal please contact us:

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