Different personality types

Which one are you?

Text: Mari K Loewen Photo: Adobestock

We have different ways of treating each other and we react differently in situations that arise at home, at work and in the meeting with colleagues and customers. Often times we get annoyed when some people do not seem to understand or when they react differently than we would in a certain situation.

The DISC analysis is a model that describes human traits that can help us understand both ourselves and other people. The analysis divides personality traits into four categories where each category is represented by a color.

A blue personality type wants a lot of information and many details before making a decision. You care about quality and are accurate and analytical. You lean towards processes and follow rules and instructions carefully. You are traditional and conservative. You need to be listened to and often take the time to explain. You can take criticism as constructive feedback and you will always complete a project you have started and deliver a good result.

If you are a yellow person you are the natural center of the party; exuberant, happy and full of ideas. You have a lot of balls in the air and are an expert at starting new projects, but not always as good at completing them. You are outgoing, social and talkative, love experiences and love both to give and to receive compliments. You want everyone to have fun, you are inspiring and good at persuading others. You want things to happen and like challenges and change. You are met with a smile and a genuine interest in you as a person.

The red personality is results-oriented and loves challenges, a typical competitive person. You who are red are fast and efficient and are determined. You are goal-oriented, strong-willed, and determined. You are good at starting new projects and prefer fast and easy communication. You want to be treated the way you treat others; straight to the point and without mixing in too much emotion.

You are friendly and caring. You are a team player and work best in a group. You value collaboration and take the time to do your job correctly. You like to have plenty of time to prepare and you need time to make decisions. You have patience and it is important for you that everyone understands and participates. Key words for you are security and stability. Changes can be scary, but as long as you feel safe, it’s fine.

Remember that most people have features from all colors, but it is still usually a color that is most dominant. When you as a manager learn more about how people work and what triggers, motivates or inspires different individuals, you can build a better functioning team where the different personalities lift each other. You can also use the analysis to better understand your customers and learn more about what is important to them and how you best meet their needs.

Take this test and see what color you are!