Make the Most of Instagram

It’s no secret that Instagram has grown enormously in recent years. Most businesses have an Instagram account, including bridal shops. Many bridal shops are good at updating their Instagram accounts, while others need a bit more help. Do you know how to get more followers or reach your customers? Read our tips!

Photos: Adobestock

What works well and what doesn’t?

A good tip is to share a lot and often. Brides looking for wedding dresses and accessories seek a lot of inspiration and are in a phase where they eagerly absorb all available information, especially pictures of wedding dresses.

Posting pictures from real weddings often gets many likes, but does it really help? Many might like the picture because they think it’s beautiful or because they know the couple, but the dress is often no longer available in the shop. Your job as a seller is to drive sales, meaning getting the brides into the shop and selling wedding dresses.

Show that you are an expert!

Use your knowledge to explain what the bride should consider when she comes to the shop. How the wedding dress should fit, how you can help with alterations, when the dress should be purchased before the wedding, etc. What might be obvious to you could be completely new information for the bride. However, you should not use too much text; many people are on Instagram mainly for the pictures and to gather inspiration.

Use a celebrity!

Have you had a famous or semi-famous person in the shop? Don’t hesitate to ask to share a picture with the person in the shop or from their wedding afterward. It has been shown to generate a lot of response. The worst that can happen is they say no. You can also show pictures of celebrities wearing the dress brands you sell in the shop.

Show variety

Show the diversity of what you offer. Do you sell shoes, short dresses, pantsuits, party dresses, and accessories too? Show it! There are as many different brides as there are wedding dresses and accessories. Remember not just to show what you like but that everyone has different tastes. Something else that has proven to be very popular is showing different stylings of wedding dresses, such as with and without detachable parts or with and without a veil.


What are the best times?

Midday, around lunchtime, and in the evening around 8 PM have proven to be good times for posts. Feel free to test to see what works best for you. On Instagram’s statistics page, you can see which posts have received the most views. Are there any posts that stand out? When were these posted? Note this for the next time you make a post.

Use a program to schedule posts. This way, you can set aside time to plan Instagram posts and upload many at once, which are then published at the times you’ve chosen. This saves you a lot of stress from having to post all the time.

Some posts get likes and some don’t

It’s very difficult to know why something gets liked and something else doesn’t. But that doesn’t mean the content is bad. Under Statistics on Instagram, you can see which posts have led to profile visits. This means more to you as it indicates they want to know more about your shop and what you have to offer.