No more stains

Stains on clothes that are difficult to remove? Nordic Bridal reveals the tricks.

It happens to all of us – we get stains on the clothes that are difficult to get rid of. White wedding dresses are especially sensitive. But should the accident occur, there are some tricks to resort to. We have listed the most common stains and how you can remove them..


Rinse the garment as soon as possible under cold water or soak the garment in cold water mixed with a little salt. For one deciliter of water, use about a tablespoon of salt.


Soak the stain with citric acid solution or methylated spirit and try to remove as much as you can. Then machine the garment or wash according to the washing instructions.


Rub milk or soap solution on the stain, finish by washing the garment according to the washing instructions.


Heat milk and dip the part of the garment with the stain in the warm milk. Then wash the garment according to the washing instructions.


Wet the grass stain with rubbing alcohol. Then use a mixture of ammonia, soap / detergent and water and rub in. Then wash as usual.


Use a soap solution or detergent and water and soak the coffee stain. Then wash according to the washing instructions.


Use stain remover and then wash as usual according to the washing instructions.

Lipstick and mascara

Rub some detergent or liquid detergent directly on the stain and wait a few minutes. Then wash the garment as usual according to the washing instructions.


Use methylated spirit or other pure alcohol.


First try to dissolve as much oil as possible with, for example, white spirit. Then rinse off the white spirit with water and soap / detergent. Then wash as usual. Be extra careful when using white spirit, so you do not bleach the fabric.


Wet the rust stain with citric acid solution.


If you want to freshen up your shoes quickly, it is excellent to use detergent. If the shoes are very dirty and can withstand it, feel free to run them in the washing machine.


Remove as much wax as possible from the garment by scraping with a spoon or similar. Then take a baking sheet or kitchen paper and place it under the candle stain. Then use an iron to melt the stearin, which then melts and sticks to the paper.


Soak the stain and rub in a mixture of soap and water or detergent and water.

Chewing gum

Test first using stain remover. If this does not work, you can try freezing the stain with ice, or if possible put the garment in the freezer. Then gently scrape off the chewing gum. Finish by washing as usual.


Rinse the garment with cold water as soon as possible. Then soak the garment, or stain, for a few minutes and then wash according to instructions.