Top Trends From The Runway

Bridal Week Harrogate took place in September, celebrating 40 years of coming together to mark the innovations in bridal fashion, discovering upcoming trends for next year and gaining insight into the market.

Once again, the runway came alive with a dazzling display of bridal and prom fashion, as nineteen of our finest brands hit the catwalk to show off their latest creations: Dando London, Diane Legrand, Ellis Bridals, Evie Young, Fox Bridal, Jeune Bridal, Jessica Couture, Kelsey Rose, Loré, Madi Lane, Moonlight Bridal, Rachel Allan Bridal, Rachel Allan Prom, Romantica, Sasha Loochi, Shane Moore, Simply Divine, Sophia Tolli and White Studio London.

Bridal Week - Trend 1

Trend 1 – Dare to Bare

Sheer dresses took centre stage on this season’s catwalk. Our designers reimagined traditional bridal gowns, infusing them with a dose of sensuality and sophistication by strategically incorporating sheer fabric into the dresses. Designers played with texture, including delicate laces, tulles, and chiffons to create see-through wonders: and this transparent detailing added a feminine, elegant and ethereal air. Marking this Jeune dress as a standout, the team included huge sheer bishop sleeves in contrast against the fitted bodice. Diane Legrand’s trouser suit included a frothy attached skirt and sheer cape top, adorned with floral appliqué for a delicate touch. Sasha Loochi switched things up on the catwalk: embroidered butterflies were scattered across the gown, which was completed with a thigh-high leg split and basque detail for a playful look.

Images from left to right: Jeune Bridal, Diane Legrand, Sasha Loochi

Bridal Week - Trend 2

Trend 2 – The Mini Moment

Mini bridal dresses made a bold and unforgettable statement on the bridal catwalk this Autumn. Departing from the traditional floor-length gowns, designers embraced the spirit of modernity and playfulness by introducing shorter hemlines for a youthful and vivacious charm. Whether it was a chic cocktail-length dress or a flirtatious tea-length creation, these designs redefined the traditional bridal look. Sasha Loochi featured a strappy number, complete with visible bodice boning and a front lace-up skirt. Jessica Couture introduced a cool, contemporary tailored suit with a nod to 80’s fashion, with puffed sleeves and pockets: what more could you ask for? The Dando London dress took a sexy route, sleeveless and fitted, adding a detachable skirt and sleeves for the brides that are wanting to mix things up from aisle to afterparty.

Images from left to right: Sasha Loochi, Jessica Couture, Dando London.

Bridal Week - Trend 3

Trend 3 – That Something Extra

Detachable trains and capes also emerged as a fun trend on this year’s runway. Offering an array of exquisite gowns featuring flowing capes that cascaded gracefully from the shoulders, or detachable trains for an extra oomph, our designers used removeable elements to switch up their looks. The Loré bridal suit was complemented by a high-necked tailored cape, adding to the sleek and sophisticated ensemble. Walking the catwalk with a gorgeous beaded two-piece, Rachel Allan’s prom collection also showcased a detachable tangerine train add intrigue and drama to their feathered cuff one-piece. Moonlight Bridal opted for a light, detachable piece with lace detailing to add an ethereality to the slim fitting mermaid gown.

Images from left to right: Loré, Rachel Allan Prom, Moonlight Bridal.

Bridal Week - Trend 4

Trend 4 – Feathers and Frills

Searching for something whimsical? The Fashion Show hosted feathers and frills galore this Autumn. Whether used sparingly as accents or covering entire skirts, designers embraced the idea of lavish texture and playfulness, adorning their gowns with intricate details that added that extra slice of opulence. Kelsey Rose’s contemporary jumpsuit was adorned with feathers that peeked out of the bodice, leaving a lasting impression on our visitors. The Sophia Tolli gown held stunning cascading ruffles on its A-line skirt, that swayed and danced with every step, and the sheer tiered sleeves on the Evie Young gown offered a dynamic and exciting twist.

Images from left to right: Kelsey Rose, Sophia Tolli, Evie Young.

Bridal Week - Trend 5

Trend 5 – Pretty in Pastel

This season, designers unveiled a stunning array of wedding dresses in delicate pastel hues, ranging from soft blush pinks, serene mint greens and powdery blues. These gentle shades allow brides to infuse their wedding day look with a touch of personal flair. These pastel-coloured gowns breathe new life into the bridal world, offering brides a chance to embrace a more soft, romantic and whimsical look. The stunning Madi Lane dress was adorned with botanical embellishment, which trailed the dress and also made their way into the matching detachable puff sleeves. Fox Bridal offered a soft pink fairytale look, with a tulle skirt and bardot bodice overlay. Simply Divine shook things up, gracing the runway with a vibrant pastel-purple gown, with a transparent boned bodice and glittering butterfly embellishment for an enchanted look.

Images left to right: Madi Lane, Fox Bridal, Simply Divine.

Bridal Week - Trend 6

Trend 6 – Clean Lines

A refreshing departure from the elaborate designs, the runway also presented the timeless elegance of simple and straight-neck dresses. Our designers proved that sometimes less is indeed more, celebrating clean lines and minimalist aesthetics without the distraction of intricate embellishments. The Ellis gown focused on the purity of form and craftsmanship, showcasing a buttery soft satin that tapers in at the waist. Two floral drop sleeves infuse the Ellis gown with a romantic twist. Romantica similarly opted for the clean cut: a panelled straight neck bodice and simple bardot sleeves which gave way to a full skirt, and complemented by a delicate beaded belt. The White Studio London gown took a traditional silhouette, but played with detail and texture for a boho twist.

Images left to right: Ellis Bridals, Romantica, White Studio London.

Bridal Week - Trend 7

Trend 7 – Peekaboo

Peekaboo bodice dresses also made their mark on the Bridal Week runway, offering a modern and alluring twist to the traditional bridal gown. These enchanting creations masterfully blend modesty and sensuality by incorporating neckline detailing. Shane Moore showcased a ruffled bodice with a burst of floral appliqué to draw the eye to a stunning sweetheart neckline. Similarly, Rachel Allan Bridal’s lilac gown incorporated sparkle cups, offering glitz and glamour in a unique and tasteful way. Evie Young presented their perfect craftsmanship once more, with dress that wowed the crowd: an intricately pleated, sheer panelled bodice with floral embellishment, deep neckline and romantic dropped sleeves.

Images left to right: Shane Moore, Rachel Allan Bridals, Evie Young.