6 reasons to visit trade fairs

Are you thinking of visiting a trade fair this year? Here are several good reasons to book a trip!

Text & Photo: Anna Storm

  1. Available
    A big advantage of visiting a trade fair is that you get access to a lot under one roof. Instead of traveling around the country, you can visit your favorite brands and suppliers in the same place. Walk among the various stands and let yourself be inspired, network and not least; make amazing and fun purchases!
  2. Networking
    Visiting one or more purchasing fairs is the best way to create a network of contacts in the industry. At the fair, you get the opportunity to meet both current and new suppliers. The trade fairs are also perfect opportunities to get in touch with other stores that have the same thoughts and issues as you. It’s always nice to share ideas with others in the same industry.
  3. Fashion shows
    Several of the fairs offer exciting fashion shows where you can get a taste of the latest trends. The fashion shows contain clothes from both large and established suppliers, but also a little smaller and exciting designers. So grab a pad and pen, take a seat far in front of the catwalk and enjoy!
  4. Galas and parties
    In connection with the shopping fairs, various ancillary activities and festivities are also arranged that you should not miss. Keep an eye on the fairs’ websites or sign up for their newsletter for more information.
  5. Wonderful design
    One of the most important reasons to visit the fairs is of course to experience the fantastic design that the suppliers offer. Take the chance to see all the dresses live and book in at some of the suppliers’ private showings. Here you get the opportunity to see both established brands and new designers. You also get a unique opportunity to feel the dresses and not only see catalog and product images.
  6. Early order = early delivery
    Statistics show that brides choose to buy their dresses sooner than ever. In order not to lose any sales, it is important that you fill your store with news before the season starts. If you visit the fairs in the spring and summer, you can place your orders on site and ensure that you receive an early delivery.