A Design Evolution

Fall 2023 collections from the Madi Lane Bridal Group

The Madi Lane Bridal Group is excited to launch their newest FW23 collections sharing impactful tales with aspirational designs that are sure to capture the hearts of brides worldwide. Though these collections share a common theme of continual evolution and femininity, like the brands themselves, the collections fall on opposite sides of the bridal spectrum, ensuring there is a gown for every bride.

An evolution in itself, Madi Lane Bridal’s new ‘Baciami’ collection features 28 elevated and decadent designs created exclusively for the modern bride. Staying true to their romantic and alluring roots, ‘Baciami’ introduces luxurious new fabrics, embellishments of artfully placed sequins, beads and glitter, and layers of embroidered laces with 3D florals. Reminiscent of summers abroad, the new collection that tells the story of travel adventures with girlfriends, sharing tales of infatuation and meet-cutes on the streets of exotic towns. Whispers of love-at-first-sight meetings and ‘kiss me’ moments, evolving into daydreams of wedding aisles and happily ever after.

Evie Young – “Gala”

Evie Young Bridal’s seventh collection embraces celebration. ‘Gala’ is inspired by the after party of all after parties. A collection dedicated to the opulence of wedding grandeur and all its extravagance, she is an ode to the glamorous, the graceful and the avant-garde. Contemporary silhouettes and architectural design elements adorned with luxurious beaded and embroidered laces. Elevated designs embody her modern muses; beautiful individuals who confidently live as they are – masterpieces of their own making. Evie Young Bridal’s newest collection includes timeless, yet obtainable couture inspired pieces for the brides of tomorrow.

Now in 2023, the upward journey and adventures continue for the Madi Lane Bridal Group with the launch of another label, Jeune Bridal. Previewing exclusively at London Bridal Week, their debut collection ‘One’ will be revealed.

Introducing Jeune Bridal

Making her debut on the global stage Jeune Bridal previews her first signature collection – ‘One’. Curated thoughtfully and intentionally, ‘One’ is representative of Jeune Bridal’s intrinsic luxury approach to bridal and her alluring symphony of refinement and high fashion aesthetic destined for the grandest of venues. Sophisticated and elevated at her core, her gowns whisper luxury with gilded accents and delicate touches. Abounding in modern femininity and created with consideration, ‘One’ fuses the classic and the chic, reminiscent of red carpets and runways. Expect the unexpected with curated maximalism in ‘One’.

A collaborative evolution of monumental proportions, you haven’t seen the Madi Lane Bridal Group at this level before, producing high-quality and impactful gowns for women of all walks of life. The groups exclusively inclusive approach to bridal fashion has not been ignored, with each gown carefully curated to flatter the female form and figure no matter their dress size. Expect the unexpected with their fusion of traditional bridal with contemporary fashion trends, and out-of-the-box ideas executed with precision.

Agent in scandinavia: Emilia Crona emilia@em-agency.se