Exclusive interview: Alessandra Rinaudo

With a passion for history and a renaissance feeling, Alessandra Rinaudo, head designer of Pronovias, tells us about the new collection presented at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week.

Text & photos: Mari K Loewen

During Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, Pronovias hosted their great fashion show, decorated with balloons, gold and inspiration from the Renaissance. We had the opportunity to sit down with chief designer Alessandra Rinaudo and hear her own words about the new collection.

Tell us about the 2023-collection!

– The Pronovias collection is based on happiness, and the fantastic feeling that we once again can enjoy the wedding day and the party, because a wedding is a very important day. It is a start of a new life together, and now we know more than ever how important it is to have the opportunity to share this day with other people, family and friends.

The festive feeling of happiness is a common thread throughout the whole collection. We want to give the bride a dress that fit perfectly on the special day. The collection contains a lot of joy and energy, it shines with sparkle, modern silhouettes, volume and a touch of the red carpet which gives importance to the dress.

The collection Privée is inspired by the Renaissance, the period after the medieval times, where it became important to focus on art and beauty. For Atelier Pronovias we have chosen the best in terms of quality – Versailles is an inspiration with its gold mirror room, a time where dresses, material and design became very important ­– it was the moment where Couture was born. I chose this period as an inspiration to present the best quality and techniques.

I am honored to work with a team that has the best knowledge of bridal fashion and the heritage from the past. Here at the fashion show we have displayed icon dresses from our collections of the past, for this very reason. To remind ourselves that we are part of our history, and at the same time, we are our future, says Alessandra Rinaudo.

Is any of the designs from the past coming back this year?

– I have one dress in the atelier collection that is the same design as one of our previous iconic dresses, but with a modern fabric. It is very simple, with a bow, and it is the exact same pattern. There are also two more dresses in the new collection that are inspired by previous models, one is covered in flowers, the new one is different, but the same technique with handmade flowers is used. I always like to remember who we are.

Do you have a favorite part of a wedding dress?

– For me it is the whole dress, the harmony and balance of it. The design and the different ways of creating a design, whether it is totally clean or covered in lace or sequins. The important thing is to keep the elegance and harmony – the dress should be like a frame around the girl to accentuate her own beauty.

What is your contributon to the Pronovias group?

– I think I bring my passion to Pronovias. I also bring my history and knowledge of bridal fashion. I have been in bridal from I was very young, and I have had visions of all these wonderful dresses all my life. My way to work with a team is also a strength that I bring to Pronovias. I learn a lot from working at Pronovias, about the global industry, the different kinds of women all over the world and understanding different cultures. I think that is very interesting, I am learning a lot and it is a beautiful experience.

Finally, do you have one favorite piece from all your collections?

– I have more than one. To be honest, I really love each dress. It is like with children, it is impossible to love one more than another.

Display of dresses from Pronovias-collections throughout the years at Pronovias Fashion Show 2022