The gift of speech

What you say and how you say it is an important part of your role as a salesperson. Having the gift of speech makes you go far and succeed with your sales. We give you some valuable tips here.

Being able to speak well, clearly and also convincingly is not only important when it comes to selling. It is also important socially and to make customers feel welcome in the store. As a reseller, it is important to learn to read different types of customers and know how to respond and speak to that particular customer. We are all different, but some basic things should always be kept in mind when persuading a customer and coming to a conclusion. As a store owner or salesperson, you hold many different sales presentations during a season which means learning, improving and adjusting your ability to communicate all the time.

Words as tools

Rhetoric is the science of how to persuade with words. Words can be a weapon, but also a tool. Rhetoric is the doctrine of the art of speech and means that by speaking one achieves something. What you say makes a difference. But it’s not just what you say that matters but also how you say it. Both in terms of tone, but above all what body language you have plays a big role in how the listener perceives what you say. Remember that everything that can relate to you as a speaker is of great importance.

Credibility is also important. It is important to gain the listener’s trust. How do you achieve this? Well it’s important to be responsive, the customer should feel special. It is important that you show that you really care about the customer. Then analyze what conditions the customer has. What body shape, hair color, length and so on. Simply find what your store can offer each customer. Once you have found the perfect dress and the bride tries it on, she can´t say no. Also ask what the customer is looking for and how much she can spend on her dress. That is when you do your sales presentation.

Remember this

When selling something, always start with the strongest argument. Then go on to inform, remember to put your sales number in a logical order. Formulate the content of the sales presentation so that it becomes more emotional and emotional over time. It is important that you formulate yourself correctly and that you speak carefully and correctly. The customer should also easily understand what you are saying. Show your products when you talk about them and feel free to use parables. Also think about adapting your presentation to the customer and to the situation, feel the atmosphere .

To become a really good sales person, it is important to train and memorize a good sales presentation. Many people think that the spontaneous conversation with the customer usually sells best, that’s good, but keep in mind that the sales conversation that sounds most spontaneous is usually the most prepared.